“We need to stop worrying about proving the value of design and just focus on outcomes that provide value.”

Denis Weil

There is so much more behind a beautiful interface.

A lot goes on before an interface is completed. From the user research that leads to the preliminary sketches, passing through the many prototype testings, and finally reaching the various studies of the visual design.

A product with a  solid foundation in UX has much more chance of succeeding.

Have a better look below of what it's all about.

What about having the next great idea that your user will love?

The first step is getting to know your users better.

Understanding who they are



In what circumstances will the user be interacting with your product/feature



Knowing your users previous experiences and preconceptions



Understand how they feel during the moment they are using your product

Information Architecture

What is the best and most intuitive way to organize the information on your website or application? How to structure the navigation in a way that makes sense to the users and will be easy for them to remember where to find what they want?

With the help of the user (one more time) we can validate the best sitemap, taxonomy and navigation for the website.

Designing the Interactions

That's when we start putting things in their places. The prototype, a much simplified version of the product, that can be tested before the final version is developed (so you can save a lot of time and money). At this stage we evaluate how the user interacts with the product, if it is easy to use, and if they are able to perform tasks smoothly.

Check examples of prototyping at My Work session.

Designing the Emotions

We are emotional beings, and most of our decisions are based on emotions, not reason. A good emotional connection to your product can greatly improve the user experience.

Now it's time to develop the best message, define the product personality, strategically design the visuals like images styles, colours, layout, typography, and even animations.

Development and release

If all the requirements are "ready", it's time to make it real. A smart team of developers will turn  your dream into life. It's the job of the UX designer to pay close attention so nothing comes out of track. Maybe some adjustments will be needed along the way and we need to be there to make sure the user experience will remain the best possible.

Emotional bond

When a product connects to the users emotionally, he will engage with it more openly and in a forgiving way, and they will remember it positively for a longer time. Your product should build a "personal" relationship with your user, by using the proper type of written and visual communication.

Visual design

Pictures, icons, graphics, colors, typography, layout, animations and transitions, all of them have a meaning for themselves, and  when put together in a purposeful way, they strongly communicate your product personality.


Emotional design is about knowing your users and connecting to them in levels that they're not even aware of. Is bringing delight to their experience with your product. Your users should be able to use your product in a reliable way, smoothly, and (why not!) with a sense of joy!

Once the website is working properly, is reliable and easy to use, then it's time to go beyond and make it pleasurable.

(from the book Designing for Emotion,
by Aarron Walter)






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I'm passionate about User Experience, Design, Interaction, Human Behavior and psychology, Marketing and Consumerology. I love to understand what and why users are doing what they do, and how to make things easier and more engaging to them.


I have a Bachelor degree in Design, post graduation in Marketing and I'm a Certified User Experience Designer. I have been working with websites and Applications for more than 7 years, amassing lots of satisfied clients to tell this story.


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