The Client

Canfitpro is a branch of GoodLife fitness dedicated to the education and certification of Canadian fitness professionals. It organizes many conferences around Canada, including maybe the biggest fitness conference in the whole world, the World Fitness Expo, in Toronto.



The CRM management system of the company was dated, confusing and buggy. So the company decided to re-design it from scratch. The goal was to build an intuitive and enjoyable application that would make much easier for the costumer relations team to organize better the information collected from the clients and to find new business opportunities.


By identifying all the departments involved with this CRM application, we started interviewing them to identify how they used the previous system, their problems and frustrations, what was working well, their mental models about how they perceived the system, and opportunities to improve.


Information Architecture

All the departments, despite their different needs and goals where using the same interface. All of them complained about its complexity and the amount of tools they never actually used, while the tools they actually used were faulty and incomplete. The first goal here was to separate the system in 3 main areas, one for Customer Relations department, one for Certifications, and another for Conference. Then studying what could be suppressed or added to each interface layout.

Wireframe / Prototyping

Based in the information Architecture, I started sketching some ideas for the interactions.


Than a low fidelity prototype was built and made available for the departments to evaluate. This process passed through many cycles of adjustments and improvements. Then, the low fidelity prototype was being made more complete to the point of being able to test specific tasks with some users, in order to check the interactions and usability.


Visual Design

The software was designed having a personality in mind. Creating a personal bond with the user will certainly help to create a better working environment, allowing the user to be more confident and  comfortable to use the system. A big welcome customized to  the time of the day and displaying a feel good image was designed to put the user in the good mood.


"A very intuitive an easy to navigate layout". This was one of the targets of this project. In the example showed here, the user is in the Events environment, that would be the default working area for people at the Events department. Dividing the user's interface by department helped make things much more simple and enjoyable to use. The color and typography will also help the user to navigate easily though the pages.



The new system interface specifications are currently being shared with the IT team to start development. Whenever adjustments are needed, it may be taken back to prototype testing to make sure the user experience remains the best possible.