The Client

ReMAP is a Canadian network of research centres, investor and industries that are connected in order to accelerate the development and commercialization of leading edge technologies for industries like aviation, medical and clean energy.


This project consisted in the redesign of the ReMAP website. The previous one was seen as confusing and hard to understand the purpose of ReMAP. Besides, they needed to bring more focus to the on-going Remap projects, and less to the ReMAP organization. The goal was that the visitors would find a way to get involved or follow the progress of the projects, which consisted the main purposes of the website.


Who were the main visitors to the website, and what they expected from it? By interviewing some stakeholders we came to the definition of 3 different categories of visitors: investors, research centres scientists and industry's professionals. So we created 3 different personas where we could identify these visitors interest and characteristics.

Information Architecture

One of the main problems with the old website identified was the confusing navigation and misleading menu topics. The Events menu link was constantly confused by events that ReMAP was organizing, when in fact this link was only publishing news about ReMAPs participation in events (ReMAP does not organize events). One action taken to simplify the website was merging the Events and News menu, since they actually talked about the same thing. The homepage was redesigned to explain more clearly and concisely about what ReMAP was and its projects, leaving more in-depth information to be under the menu link About Us.

Wireframe / Prototyping

Based in the information Architecture, the home-page was designed to reflect all website content in a very short and organized way. The internal pages were redesigned to improve the findability of the projects, that were turned into actual HTML files instead of the previous downloadable PDFs, increasing SEO.  We tested and improved the idea of the website to these final solutions.

Visual Design


This website continued to be using Wordpress CMS (as before) with the base template The Fox, customized to the clients project requirements. It's constantly being improved.